About the comic

Sketch Comedy is a comic about what it takes to make a comic. What does it take to make a comic? Characters. Conflict. Beat panels. A wizard. Relentless mockery of pop culture. Obscure philosophical references and jokes that only smart people will understand. Randomness. We tried to keep the randomness to a minimum, but somehow it keeps sneaking in. Hence the wizard.

Sketch Comedy currently updates on the first and third Monday of every month. Additionally, Patreon supporters have early access to months of yet-unpublished strips and other rewards.

Sketch Comedy is how Jackson Ferrell talks to people. Through the power of the Internet, there are thousands of ways you can talk back! Beyond the comments on each strip, there is also Jackson’s Twitter, the Deev, the Sketch Comedy Facebook Page, and even the technological marvel that is email. The array of communicative avenues is truly staggering.

About the cartoonist

Jackson Ferrell is the guy who draws the comic. He is also the guy who keeps appearing in the comic. We are certain there is some connection here.






About the colorist

Joe Harris was Sketch Comedy’s colorist from October to December of 2010, during which time he provided exclusive color comics to the Sketch Comedy Subscribers’ Edition. His colorist talents will be missed, but the artwork at his portfolio site continues to be awesome.