Owen Heitmann brings us today’s guest strip. Owen has various collections of his comics at 24hourcynic.com, but as you might have gathered from his guest strip, he likes to push the envelope–and some of the strips in his archives are Not Safe For Work. The main page is safe to visit, but please browse with discretion!

I can, however, give a solid endorsement to his all-ages newspaper-style strip Basic Wage Kids. It’s about three roommates and their band: egomaniac frontman Skip, meathead drummer Stu, and angry bassist chick Emma. Does it have metahumor? Yes. Does it have puns? Yes indeed. And does it have punk rock references and just enough edge to keep the newspaper-strip humor interesting? You bet. It’s complete (read: no longer updating), but there are over 400 strips to check out in the archives, so give it a look!