New Years Eve

CALLBACKS: Owl City, Arguments II: The Gryfft Perspective ‘Tis the season to make seasonal comics. Do you have any New Years resolutions for James? Maybe you are only here for the pizza. I’d also like to remind you that the auction for my Multiplex guest strip artwork is still open. The proceeds from the auction […]

Have A Hearthwarming Holiday

CALLBACKS: My Little Friendship: Friendship is Friendship If Descartes Week was my Christmas gift to you, then this comic is my Christmas gift to me. So…yeah. Ponies. On a Non-Pony-Related Note: I had a guest strip up at Multiplex yesterday! I did not have access to my computer at the time, so I drew it […]

Descartes Week 1

CALLBACKS: Reader Mailbag: Bishop Berkeley, The Service Industry Welcome to Descartes Week! We’ll be bringing you Descartes, his comics, and comics about his comics every day of the week. This is apparently how we celebrate Christmas around here, so I, uh, hope you like Descartes. Vote for SC at Top Web Comics and receive a […]

This School Is Old

CALLBACKS: Nintendo Hard, Okay So Shatranj, Hot Tub Nostalgia Machine: Classic Gaming IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Be sure to tune in next week, when we’ll be updating every day of the week to bring you Descartes Week! It will be our Christmas gift to you. Tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell the Philosophy Department.

Hot Tub Nostalgia Machine: Classic Gaming

CALLBACKS: Hot Tub Nostalgia Machine, Hot Tub Nostalgia Machine: A Link to the Past Thanks for stopping by, Brian Russell of The Underfold! You’re welcome back any time!