CALLBACKS: The Pinhook Publicity Stunt, Hot Tub Talk Show: Envision Skate Collective and the 2012 Pinhook Slalom Open

2012 Pinhook Slalom Open hosted by Envision Skate Collective
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Sweet news, sports fans: Envision Skate Collective has invited me to set up an exhibitor’s table at the slalom! From 10AM on Saturday 6/23 until the end of the event, I’ll be there drawing commissions, selling t-shirts and original artwork and watching the race. I’ll have more information next week on what shirts will be available, but you can bet the classic Descartes ‘iThink’ design will be in the lineup.

Also, as noted earlier, I’ll be running guest comics during the first week of July while I’m on vacation. If you’d like to do a guest strip for me, please send it to Jackson at thesketchy. Please keep ’em 900px wide or less, and suitable for ages 10 and up.