Hey, everyone! I am pleased to announce the launch of my official creative project newsletter:


I encourage you to subscribe today! I will be publishing news and progress updates on my current comic project, Space Trader (working title), which has been previously mentioned in the blog! Space Trader is a 30-page sci-fi comic book in the spirit of such classics as Firefly and “Han Solo, Day Trader.” My brother, David Ferrell, wrote it, and I am in the process of drawing it! When you subscribe to The Big J, you not only get the latest updates on Space Trader, but also my future creative projects! If I decide to start updating Sketch Comedy again, or launch any of the spin-off projects I’ve been considering (e.g. The Independently Musical Adventures of James Andrzejewski or HowardQuest: The Video Game, you will hear about it first through The Big J.

I also wanted to explain why I chose the word “failure” in this particular strip. Sketch Comedy served as a creative outlet for me, it met my goal of at least breaking even financially, and it helped me develop my cartooning and website development/management skills; in those respects I consider it a success. However, every year since I launched SC in October of 2010, I resolved to reach 1,000 average daily visitors to the site, and every year I failed to achieve my resolution. While I was updating, the daily average came out closer to 100. This wasn’t the only reason that I decided to put the strip on hiatus, but it was a factor. I’m trying new things and exploring new approaches, but you can bet I’m still comics.

To all my regular readers: thanks for indulging my illustrated navel-gazing and inscrutable esoteric interests. You can continue to keep up with me via Twitter, The Deev, and now, The Big J.