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  1. You do! Good thing I do too.

    For some reason, this reminded me of the Mighty Ducks cartoon, which I’m pretty sure I only ever saw a few episodes of. Anyway, it seems like they were aware they were in a cartoon in that series.

    -back from wikipedia break-

    nope, I was thinking of “freakazoid!” which I honestly don’t remember a thing about, except that it mentions an episode where Norm Abram is captured and the main characters must save him – an occurrence I recall seeing on TV. Also, it talks about the characters breaking the fourth wall. So maybe that’s what I was thinking of.

    Aren’t you glad this comment relates so well to the comic on which I am commenting?

    1. Freakazoid! That’s some good stuff. It was like Animaniacs, but with a superhero.

      All this fourth-wally stuff is probably influenced by the cartoons I watched as a kid. Children’s shows do a lot of fourth-wall-breaking! Tiny Toon Adventures, TMNT, the Where’s Waldo cartoon, Earthworm Jim. And of course Earthbound is on my mind, with all the Homestuck I’ve been reading over at MS Paint Adventures recently.

      I basically don’t know how not to break the fourth wall.

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