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  1. I contend that that is NOT one. Funny, sure, and border(dotted)line punny, but not so blatant as to count against the five. I mean, we don’t actually SEE her put the sign on the dotted line. Come on Karen, have some heart (said while offering plateful of prepared artichokes).

    Who am I kidding, I just want to see more puns.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Peter. 🙂 Fact is, we need people like Karen to balance things out and keep the strip from turning into an unmitigated punfest. Also, the puns wouldn’t be nearly so funny if they didn’t make someone suffer.

    1. Becky’s using up one of the month’s puns by literally “signing” the contract, with a speed limit sign. Karen is not amused. It is in no way apparent how Becky would use a speed limit sign to sign a contract.

      1. Oh…. I was caught up in “dotted line” and was trying to connect it to the line down the middle of a street and was annoyed. Makes more sense your way.

  2. aahhh…. that just made this morning start off great! some how i feel a dark punning presence lurking about…. what ever it is it’s warm and fuzzy,

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