Media Mediated: Minecraft

I’ve been meaning to post another “Media Mediated” entry and criticize some of your favorite music, or maybe explain why you need to be reading MS Paint Adventures, but unfortunately my brain has been colonized by Minecraft. Minecraft is a computer game, currently in public alpha, where you collect stuff and build stuff during the day, and at night the zombies come out. It is like the love child of The Sims, a first person shooter, and your old NES. I’m not sure how that works biologically but that’s how it is.

So, I built a ginormous hall!

Another good name for it would have been “Le Chateau Ginormé.”

Inside my giant hall I built a passageway that leads into the caves. There is a door to keep out the spiders.

Inside the caves, I brave untold dangers and shine a light into the dark in search of gold and iron and stuff.

Minecraft is tons of fun, and at approximately $15 (9.95 euros), it’s a great purchase if you don’t want to get anything done ever. The buy includes not only the alpha, but all future upgrades and editions, including the final version which will sell for 20 euros. The alpha comes with a multiplayer version, which I am eager to try out but have not yet had time to, what with all the Minecraft I’ve been playing. It is available for purchase and download at

If I am going to get any comics done at all, they will probably have to be all Minecraft comics from here on out. I will change the name of the site to “Minecraft Minecraftedy,” and Howard will be made out of pixels.

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