Game Plans

Here’s the game plan for the upcoming week. New comics will post on Monday (12/6) and Thursday (12/9), instead of the Tues/Fri that is my habit. Then, on Friday evening/Saturday morning, you can expect a review of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, which I am super-pumped to see. (This will obviously be a very objective and unbiased review.) Also, keep your eyes on This Week in Webcomics, where I will post part one of my Webcomics Holiday Shopping Guide sometime this week!

Woohoo, content! Enjoy the content, you guys.

EDIT, 12/11 (evening): Okay, this Dawn Treader stuff is taking me a bit longer than I thought. I’ll have the review up sometime this upcoming week–hopefully Monday or Wednesday. But whenever the review goes up, I always shoot to get you new comics on Tuesday and Friday, so that’s priority number one here.

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