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  1. 1) I am mildly worried about descartes’ sub-aquatic activities.

    2) I feel that, between the time that no-glasses 3D becomes affordable and the time it becomes commonplace, arcades have a chance to bounce back.

    1. You bring up a good point about the 3D, Peter. However, I am concerned that the 3D will be used only for increased verisimilitude–more lifelike representations of nose tackles and sports cars. With all these technological increases, I just don’t want imagination and creative game design to go out the window.

      We here at Sketch Comedy hate verisimilitude! It’s so hard to spell.

  2. Arcades are still around, they are just freaking expensive.

    My dad oversaw an arcade in the 80s-90s in his Student Activities Building. Back then students rarely had TVs in their rooms. The N64/PS era really killed the arcade (I don’t know why it was that gen. Maybe TVs got cheaper around then). Now it’s just pingpong and pool.

    1. We did start seeing a significant decline in arcades in the late 90s. Still, arcades have customarily enjoyed an advantage in the “games with weird input devices” market. Because an arcade cabinet is dedicated, game designers can build in unique controls like DDR dancepads, sniper rifles with working scopes, and an actual snowboard. Because you can’t get the experience at home, they can justify charging a buck for a play session. And who doesn’t enjoy seeing the Amazing DDR Guy come out of nowhere and freestyle a DDR jam?

      That’s all been true until recently, but now that all the major consoles have motion-sensing control technology, I suspect that’s gonna be another blow to the arcades. Between all that and online gaming, it seems likely to me that arcades are inevitably on their way out. And there really is something sad about that.

      1. If the arcades were smart they’d be networked and let you have a customizable identity and track all your sessions so you can see how you performed. There’s about a million other things they could do, but the big thing is to get the price back down to $.25 I mean, when I see arcades these days people aren’t walking away from machines frustrated that they would have to wait for someone else to be done.

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