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    1. I hate to say it, Matt, but you might. It’s a better movie than Caspian, and in my opinion more faithful to the book, but you may find that green mist to be problematically cheesy.

      Even so, I’d give it a shot in the theaters. Just pass on the 3d, and catch a matinee showing or watch it at Colony Square ($5 tickets!) if you’re concerned that you might not get your money’s worth.

  1. I just saw the preview for Pirates of the Caribbean XXV or whatever number they are on. I think the preview was more sensical than the last PotC I saw. And it wasn’t very sensical.

    1. In my opinion, doing a movie that focuses solely on Jack Sparrow and the only-slightly-less-motley crew that surrounds him is the best thing they could do for the franchise. The character of Jack Sparrow resonated hugely with audiences in the first movie and practically made the second one. I still can’t quite get the taste of At World’s End out of my mouth, but I’m cautiously optimistic about the new installment. I think it’s got some potential.

  2. Voyage of the Pirates of the Dawn Treader, In the Carribbean!


    I can’t believe they’re making another one of those too. The first one was good… they went downhill from there…

    1. Well, the second one was a good first half of a movie. But what good is a good first half of a movie when the second half is full of convoluted nonsense about seven pirate lords and I don’t even remember what else? I had a Pirates of the Caribbean marathon on the third movie’s opening weekend, and nobody wanted to admit it, but I think we were all pretty disappointed when we left the theater.

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