Community Guy

Wes Molebash, whom you probably already know from his comics
You’ll Have That and Max vs. Max and his regularly-updated blog Wes Draws, co-wrote this comic with me; the wisdom he dispenses is his own. Dude knows how to encourage community! Now go read his things.

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  1. Ahaha, Jackson threatened to cut his community in the last comic. Mwahaha! (By the way, what time would be a good time to start whining about not being featured in a comic yet? 😉 )

        1. Seriously, you’re like… right there… over to left, no more to the right… yeah, right there.

  2. I spotted an error!! Mwahahaha (Somehow, this gives me another life and firepower) You forgot to change your copyright year to the big 2011. :-O

  3. I think you’re already pretty skilled at the first two. I just read through the archives of Borderline Boy and I loved the honest, personal perspective. Some of your strips *almost* made me cry. I think you have everything you need.

    “This is a pen. It is real”

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