Come, Let us Network Socially

You never hear anything about antisocial networking.

Ahem! Did you know that Sketch Comedy and things related to Sketch Comedy are on your favorite social networking sites? They are! Sketch Comedy has its own Facebook page by which you can keep tabs on the latest strips, share them with your friends, and even see deleted scenes and outtakes in the image gallery. CLICK THE LIKE BUTTON. YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO.


I also have a Follow jacksonferrell on Twitter account, which you may already be following. On it, I tweet about what I am eating, share links to cool comics and music and things on the web, and keep you up-to-date on the latest Sketch Comedy. Posting links and talking about your food are basically all that Twitter is good for.

Finally, Howard the Wizard has a Formspring. What is a Formspring? It is a means by which you can ask people questions on the internet. You can ask Howard questions at his Formspring, linked to above, or you can simply type your question into this box down here.

Go forth! Go forth and network socially.

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