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Good morning, everyone. You may recall my first post about Minecraft, in which I gave an introduction to Minecraft and briefly shared my gaming experience. Well, since then the game has gone into beta, seeing a slight price increase and a handful of new features and bug fixes, and I continue to play lots of Minecraft.

And by lots, I mean lots. I haven’t played video games with any regularity in over a year, but on the weekends I will spend hours upon hours playing Minecraft, destroying my sleep schedule to complete building projects and mine diamonds. It is fiendishly addictive, in part from the sense of accomplishment at hauling a big lode of gold back to your safebox without dying, or from completing a big building project. It’s also exciting to explore uncharted areas, whether forests, islands, deserts or caves.

Today, I’d like to share with you a building project that I recently completed:

The Domosphere.

This past weekend, I built an addition to the Domosphere. The addition is not strictly a dome, as you can see, but is kind of a stretched-out oval shape:

A lever opens the front door to the Domosphere.

Have you been playing tons of Minecraft? Has it stolen your life from you, robbing you of sleep and normal social interaction? Have you built towering monolithic structures and posted pictures of them on the internet? If you have, please share them with us, because I would like to see the awesome things that you’re building.

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  1. Now that I play Minecraft and understand such things, I can fully understand the awesomeness of this structure and appreciate how many decades it must have taken to gather all the sand and clay and bake it all to build this. It looks sweet. I like doing things with glass.

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