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  1. This comic reminded me of Commander Keen 4; specifically two experiences related to the game. The first is obvious if you’ve played the game: the oddly-cute gray boulder guys that sprout legs and little black eyes and run after/jump at you when you’re facing the other direction. Number two must have been triggered by the first, but somehow the act and sight of typing “keen4e.exe” flashed through my mind and gave me a feeling well-illustrated in your “Jackson Ferrell loves beat panels” strips.

    1. There is a long cartoon tradition of inanimate objects sprouting limbs and ambulating. Just this morning, our graphic design guy pointed out the similarities of this strip to Disney’s Fantasia, which had not occurred to me.

      Suddenly I have the urge to play some Commander Keen.

  2. Reminds me of when I tried to make a sandwich with D20. Lets just say sometimes i missed the bread because i rolled a 1

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