I Am A Purchasing Rockstar: Regular Slotted Containers

Josh Cramer is a sales rep for MRC Innovations, a company that provides packaging and other manufacturing solutions. Josh was one of the first outside guys I met when I started my Purchasing Rockstar tenure in ’09, and he’s been consummately helpful. He’s also, like the comic says, a huge packaging nerd–every time I see him, he has a new story about the packaging he’s coming up with to meet his customers’ weird shipping challenges. If your company has unusual packaging needs, particularly shipping perishable goods or suchlike, Josh and the crew at MRC will be glad to tackle the task.

We are wearing neckties because this strip was originally going to be posted last Friday, and of course Friday is Tie Day Friday.

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    1. It can be hard to tell them apart, but here’s the trick: Charlie Brown has that one lock of hair in the front, whereas Josh shaves his entire head.

      Also Josh is about two feet taller.

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