Chilling At SPACE With Gordon McAlpin

On Saturday, March 19, I attended SPACE (Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo) and got to see my cartoonist amigo Gordon McAlpin. This strip is almost word-for-word a conversation that we had about not going hungry at cons. You can check out some more about the cool cartoonists I met at the con in this blogpost.

A color version of this strip is available in the Subscriber’s Edition.

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      1. The new fries are pretty good. Just becoming edible would have been an improvement, but they’re actually tasty.

    1. Croston! I remember you from the Multiplex forums. Sorry I missed you at SPACE…next year I think I’m gonna get myself a table of my own at SPACE, so I’ll have to stop by your table and say hey. How’d the show go for you?

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