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    1. Well, Howard is wearing boxers. Which raises the question, do boxers constitute pants? This is a question that my friend Bren and I debated at length on pajama day during my high school’s spirit week, and it was no mere academic conundrum, for on pajama day, I wore a bathrobe over my t-shirt and boxers.

      So, do boxers constitute pants? Do they only constitute pants under certain circumstances, such as pajama day at school? What do you think, bman?

  1. To think, all that stands behind Howard and delicious cake is cutting down a tree with his bare hands, making the wood into smoothed planks (again, with bare hands) building those planks into a table, making a wooden pickaxe on that table, mining some stone, making a stone pickaxe, using the stone pickaxe to mine iron, using some more stone and some coal to make a furnace and melt down the iron, making some buckets, milking some cows, mashing up sugar cane (barehanded,) cultivating the soil with a hoe, chasing down a chicken and taking its eggs, then without benefit of an oven or utensils combining all those ingredients (on the table yet again.)
    Gosh! I can taste that cake already!

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