Reader Mailbag: Bishop Berkeley

Thanks for the email, Chris B.! Props also to Robert Montoya for helping with the writing and research on this one.

Somehow, I don’t think I had ever heard of Bishop Berkeley before fielding this question. It’s nice to have a wide receiver you can defer these things to.

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  1. I can’t hear the name of Bishop Berkeley without thinking of the New Zealand comedian John Clarke’s comments about that sort of thinking leading to picking spots of light off the wall, but ironically, it turns out that he was more having a go at Decartes with that comment.

    1. And now I’m gonna want to check out this John Clarke guy! Thanks for bringing him up, Maarvarq. Doing these Reader Mailbags can really expand a guy’s horizons.

  2. When the dreamer awakens the dream ends for it is no longer part of the dreamer’s conscious observation.

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