Howard’s Reality

Yes, technically furries are people who are INTO anthropomorphic animal characters, not the animal characters themselves, and it is the latter that Jackson is suggesting he turn Howard into. But ‘anthropomorphic animal character’ doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.

Besides, Jackson has at times shown himself to be kind of stupid, so failing to note a distinction like that is entirely in-character.

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  1. Has your office always been in a downtown building or did you move on up to the east side?

    1. Since my office is in a comic, I can be wherever I want it to be. In an early draft of this story arc, my office was temporarily located in outer space.

      My office first appears in this strip, but the city skyline is not visible because of the glare on the window. Come to think of it, there could be just about anything out there.

  2. Next Mother’s Day you might consider putting a MOM out there. You missed this year’s deadline.

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