Reader Mailbag: On My Brother and His Furriness

My favorite part about these Reader Mailbags is the opportunity to make Comic Me be a jerk.

Anyway, on a less belligerent note, today’s Sketchy Activity Daily will be up later this evening in the requisite album at the Facebook group.

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  1. Your comic suggests that bearded people are better at being grumpy than non-bearded people. What do you have to say for yourself, sir?

    1. You’ll note that I am grumpy–nay, at my grumpiest in this comic–in the panels where I do not have a beard. Here we see one isolated incident of facial hair, and from it you somehow, magically, deduce that my true “message” is that beardedness equates to grumpiness. It seems you have jumped to conclusions, inferring an underlying facism where none exists!

      Man, who tugged on your beard?

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