Karen Continues To Throw A Party

Chris Merritt is suitable for audiences over 13 years of age. (Now all my 12-year-old readers are going to go download all his music over Limewire or whatever the kids are using these days.)

Guess who also co-wrote this strip? Robert Montoya, that’s who.

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  1. FINALLY I got through the comic. SOME of the jokes are a bit over my head since I’m not english AND I can’t understand references all the time, but still. Nice job so far keep up the good work man… or else… Nothing I guess, I’ll be reading no matter what I’m affraid. XD

    Heh BTW I didn’t know lobsters and wizards don’t get along. 😀

    1. I have difficulty making my jokes intelligible. I know it’s a problem.

      Thanks for sticking with the comic; I’m glad you’re enjoying it! And yeah, Howard is more of a crab person.

      1. Meh no prob I always have a laugh on each of the strips… I just need to look some things up. XD

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