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  1. Poor Karen is locked into a comic where alcohol isn’t allowed… or is it just that she didn’t think SOME alcohol would be useful? XD

    BTW James could be renamed to Mr. Obvious. >:D

    1. Well, alcohol hasn’t been explicitly prohibited in the comic or anything. Karen probably made a conscious decision to make it a dry party, and she may very well now be regretting it. 😉

      1. Indeed she does. She could use the help of my vodka loving character(not comic)… although he only asks for vodka, but never has any. XD

      1. Ultimately, we have no idea what Descartes is up to, or whether it relates to the lobster. All we know is that he has a welding mask and blowtorch. Why does he have them? Mysteries like this course in magic rivers throughout the universe.

  2. CLEAN ALL THE THINGS!!!!! hahahahaha!

    I just realized that the only way to be able to get all your references in your comics is to stalk you be facebook friends with you and all your friends, follow you on twitter, read all the comics you do, hang out with you all the time and play minecraft. hm….

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