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The story thus far: Rebecca Black’s parents hired vanity recording label ARK Music Factory to produce a song and accompanying music video for her. When Black posted her song on Youtube, the infectiously insipid track “Friday” catapulted her to internet infamy. After suffering through internet insults, receiving death threats, making a guest appearance in a Katy Perry music video, and attending various entertainment industry events, Rebecca Black is poised to release a new song on July 18th, titled “My Moment.” The topic of the song? Her rise to fame as a result of “Friday.” We are not making this up.

If you haven’t heard the song yourself, it’s available via iTunes (and not too hard to find with Google either), but be forewarned that its lyrics are profoundly banal and it’s a bit of an earworm. Lyrics such as “Yesterday was Thursday… / Tomorrow is Saturday / And Sunday comes afterwards” are not going to break any ground with their depth, but they are a vast repository of of comedic potential. UK-based Youtube Comedy Duo Cup of Team has created not only this video analyzing the lyrics to “Friday”, but also has analyzed the lyrics of other lesser-known tracks produced by ARK Music Factory. Their analyses are as trenchant as they are hilarious.

What’s most impressive to me, however, is Rebecca Black’s self-parody, posted on Funny or Die. With tongue in cheek, she probes the levels of significance in her song, analyzing its political and socio-economic messages and how it speaks to the human condition. There are a number of Rebecca Black humor videos on Funny or Die (the site was even rechristened “Friday or Die” for an April Fools Day gag), but in my estimation this one tops them all.

Enjoy the comedy, and I’ll be back with a new hit comic on Thursday.

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  1. I feel like a bad person for doing this to you, but here’s the Hungarian equivalent of ms Black and “Friday”.
    THIS is called “Mizu”(Kinda like ‘sup in english) and it’s made by Tomi Fluor(I think that’s his name) and THIS was one of the fastest hits in the past year(maybe?). Really! There was a report on tv where they showed a 10 and a 80 year old who could sing it without ANY help… I’m kinda sick of it cuz I hear it everywhere, but no mater how much I would’ve liked to shoot myself my arm got numb and my leg was twitching to the rythm…
    I REALLY wanted to find the lyrics in english, but you’re lucky this thing didn’ infect any english person so far… I hope it won’t get you as well… I’m so sorry… (They’re keeping my family hostage and made me do this.) πŸ™

    1. That is really catchy. I’m glad I can’t understand the lyrics! πŸ˜€ I’m sure it would be ten times worse if my brain could actually associate meanings with the words he’s saying.

      I hope they release your family!

      1. Yeah it is and you’re lucky since some of the KEY parts are where he says things like “You girl and I boy.” and “Let’s stand together like two little LEGO.”*facepalm*
        The song is about the guy partying and picking up a girl there…(WHATS with the parties in all of these songs? O_o”)

        I hired a SWAT team so they’re safe now. πŸ˜€

  2. Sorry, nothing to do with today’s strip or Rebecca Black – is the RSS feed working for everyone else? It hasn’t updated for me since “Karen Simply Will Not Stop Throwing a Party”, and I get
    XML Parsing Error: XML or text declaration not at start of entity
    Line Number 88, Column 1:

    when I try to re-subscribe.

    1. Thanks for bringing that to my attention, Maarvarq. And you don’t ever need to apologize for not talking about Rebecca Black. πŸ˜‰

      I’ll take a look at it this evening and see if I can get it fixed.

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