My Moment: The Butterfly Effect


Seriously? He’s doing another Friday comic?

On Monday, Rebecca Black’s new single “My Moment” was released, and you can listen to it on her YouTube channel if your own morbid curiosity has gotten the best of you. Karen has had plenty of time to listen to it over and over. Hopefully the rest of us will have the wisdom to move on with our lives–Rebecca Black included.

Next week, we return to our regular Tuesday-Friday update schedule, with new comics for you on Tuesday and…Friday.

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  1. Okay Karen there’s obsession and then there’s thi… WAIT A MINUTE! Did just James NOT say that something was horrible or that he didn’ like it? That does NOT compute! *GLITCH-ERROR-BZZZZT* O_o”

    1. I was totally thinking the same thing!!!

      Also, is that Karen talking to Matt down below? How come Karen’s talking to people but IMJ is not? I want to have a conversation with James!

    1. See, this is exactly what I’m talking about. People either try to cut her down with criticism and insults, or else they try to exploit her notoriety and capitalize on her as an entertainment commodity. No one tries to help her grow as a musician! No one treats her like an ordinary 14-year-old human being! And honestly, it disgusts me.

  2. LOL! Karen lives!

    Karen, she’s beyond help, she just sounds terrible. She shouldn’t sing. Just like I shouldn’t draw webcomics… we’ll leave that to Jackson.

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