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Yes, it is true. I am a brony.

On a site-related note, it’s recently been brought to my attention that Sketch Comedy’s RSS feed is broken. I have been trying to fix the problem, and I will let you know as soon as the RSS is back up and running again.

P.S. I did a guest strip for Multiplex! Did you see it yet?

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  1. Heh okay I know the new MLP is much less of a girly thing, but… isn’t this a BIT too much?

    Okay maybe I should watch an ACTUAL episode before saying something, but still. XD

    Heh I love messing with the 4th wall. 😀

    1. Yes! Do watch an actual episode. They’re all over Youtube. They’re pretty awesome.

      Now I’m curious: when and how have you broken the fourth wall? Obviously I do it all the time in the comic, but I wasn’t aware you were a fellow fourth-wall breaker…

      1. Oh no prob there, I saw a lot of clips of it on YT, but okay I’ll look up a whole ep later on. :p

        Oh-NONONO! SORRY! I was misunderstandable! I meant that I like these 4th wall jokes, but I wish I already had a chance to mess with the 4th wall myself, but so far I couldn’t start workin on my comic idea(s)… 🙁
        (????: Actually he’s trying to bug that wall through me, but sa you can see he’s not doing a really good job…)

    1. Thanks, Marc. The RSS error message has already been brought to my attention, and I’ve been getting some help from Frumph on how I might fix it. I plan on giving his latest suggestion a shot this evening to see if it gets rid of the error.

      1. Ok cool 😉 Glad it had already been mentionned 🙂 I’m new to the site so I only noticed after I had caught up in the archives and tried to subscribe to the site instead of using bookmarks.. but I’ll stick with bookmarks for now I guess 😀

  2. Argh Jackson! The top balloon should be yellow. (On another note, woo ponies, they direct me to so many awesome things!)

    1. I typically work with a limited color palette to keep filesize small. However, with your comment, it occurs to me that an extra kilobyte or two probably isn’t gonna kill anyone… 😉

      I’m glad Pinkie Pie led you here! Thanks for dropping a few comments–I use my comics to talk to people, and it’s always cool when they talk back.

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