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CALLBACKS: Ubiquitus Moss, Ubiquitus Moss Again, Grand Mastery

As you may already know, the NFL Lockout has come to a close, with the players and owners having reached an agreement late last week. We’re going to have football again!

I’ve only recently become interested in football, since watching The Blind Side in 2009 and then reading the book (both of which I highly recommend). Plus, I always enjoy an opportunity to bring out Sketch Comedy’s resident jock genius, Ubiquitus Moss.

I’m looking forward to doing another football strip or two this week. I’ll have at least one new comic up for you by Friday–maybe sooner! I guess it would really help if I could get the dang RSS feed fixed, wouldn’t it. 😛

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  1. Okay I don’ care much for any of these team sprots for a LOT of reasons, but… HOW does this whole Fanaty Football thing work? I heard it being mentioned in a lot of places and there’s some connection to the real sportsmen and all, but… What? O_o”

    BTW why does Karen say Hair just like that?

    1. I’ve never been in a Fantasy Football league myself, but apparently you and your league buddies have a “draft” first where you put together your teams, so you have a bunch of Real Football Dudes on your team. Then, each week, you choose which guys from your team are active, and you score points depending on how those guys perform in that week’s games. Quarterback throws a buncha touchdown passes? Get more points. Quarterback throws some interceptions? Get less points. Or maybe lose points. I don’t really know how the points work.

      Hopefully that has shed some light on this mysterious phenomenon known as fantasy football! I am still just as baffled.

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