Fantasy Football Friday

CALLBACKS: Ubiquitus Moss, Back to the Sport Pile

So, in the past three weeks it’s been: Rebecca Black, My Little Pony, a Cowboys and Aliens strip that is not really about Cowboys and Aliens, random music commentary, and now football. Target audience? What the #%& is that?

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  1. Oh my goodness look I’m in a comic

    (I love this, it puts in perspective just how much work you’ve put into SC! Characters! References! Callbacks! Keep it coming!:D )

  2. Hey, the football references are going straight over my head, but you just have to write for yourself, y’know? Otherwise you’ll second-guess everything and turn into Garfield.

    On the other hand, it’s not really about football so much as the characters, and a strip like this really serves to show how clearly defined your characters are.

    1. Thanks, Owen. My favorite part is how James isn’t even talking about football at all.

      As far as Garfield goes, I do think it’s worth mentioning that Jim Davis is making out like a bandit. And while it’s important to stay true to yourself, making out like a bandit is not such a bad thing to have happen to you either. 😉

  3. … Okay I have nothing to say about “watching” football or any other kind of these sports. Sooo I hope you don’ mind that I’m popping in a small off topic here… since it’s your fault… somewhat. :p

    I watched MLP almost the whole day and I admit it’s pretty fun, hard to stop watchin AND I’m still not in a come cuz of all the sweetness(the original did that just in 10 mins), but the whole Brony thing is still a bit much for me to digest. XD
    BTW my favorite is Macintosh with his “Eyup.”. I just LOVE it. 😀

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