The Total Quarterback Rating You Guys

CALLBACKS: The Total Quarterback Rating

Remember when I said that I was done with the football strips? I am a liar, and a terrible human being.

This, however, absolutely must be the last of the football strips! And why is that? Because over the weekend I visited Chicago, and now I want to do comics about that. Hopefully I can get one together for you by Friday! If I don’t get it together by Friday then it will no longer be timely.

And, as the past month of strips will attest, timeliness is job one around here.

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  1. As I said putting too much thinking into useless things like foorball statistics is useless. :p
    BTW WOW Karen looks great with that hair. Reminds me of Velma from Scooby Doo. 😀

  2. Well. Thank you.

    I’d left it down to dry, but maybe I should try wearing my hair down more oft–I look like WHAT?!

    1. You welcome and maybe the site crashed my comment cuz I obviously said that you look like Velma from Scooby Doo. I love Velma the most from that show. XD
      … NO I’m NOT into a cartoon character! DX… Not too much at least. :p

      1. BTW (whisper)*When I said my comment was crashed I was being sarcastic.*… Did I get that sarcasm of mine right? O_o”

  3. all this talk of this quarterback rating, it reminds me of an a story i read about how Pandora rates songs so that it gives you songs similar to tone you choice in you radio station. in fact, one of the rating categories is “gangsta attitude” and they have “musicologists” that rate over 10,000 new songs a month in over 200 categories, Its very subjective, but they seem to be consistent, so if a subjective rating is applied consistently, in most situations, won’t it give a real rating because you cancel out the relativeness by your consistency? in fact, it may bring out patterns in performance that hitherto have gone unnoticed, and if that is the case, then we have been successful in finding new information for previously stored data.

    (throwing gas on fire)



    1. A fair consideration, Jordan. I have to say that, even though the QBR is riddled with subjectivity, I would put more trust in ESPN’s rankings than in other people’s subjective assessment of which QBs are best at scoring points and winning games. Not unconditional trust, of course…but I’d certainly pay more attention to what they have to say than I would to some Joe at the bar.

      Because I so totally go to the bar and watch football.

      It seems to me that it’s kind of like the Wikipedia effect, where ostensibly you’re pooling knowledge in order to weed out wrong opinion and produce a collection of useful facts for everyone–but in the cases of the QBR and Pandora, they have the added edge of starting with the opinions of experts? In any event, I guess it works reasonably well. I’d like to see a little more transparency in how they calculate QBR, though. I haven’t yet seen any way of reproducing their results.

      1. I agree, when working in subjectivity, unless you have consistency, the value of the added metric is worthless, and at worst misleading. But if you wanted to refute the guy at the bar who says Brett favre sucks, then you really don’t need a new metric for that.



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