I am a Purchasing Rockstar: Meet Jim Ormerod

CALLBACKS: Opening Weekend: Cowboys and Aliens

On my visit to Chicago last weekend the weekend before last, I got to meet with Jim Ormerod of Power Dynamics. We had a good conversation about life, the universe, and comic book movies. He’s into many of the same things that I am, and he has some salient insights into media that do not necessarily lend themselves to expression in only three panels.

Chicago natives may recognize Z & H Cafe. We at Sketch Comedy are nothing if not in-jokey.

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  1. No prob if there’s no real punchline if you ask me. Beat panels aren’t about humor as well ya know. XD
    Cowboys and aliens is one movie I’d like to see because of how silly the concept sounds, but good to hear it’s not a bad one to begin with. 🙂

    1. Yeah, based on Jim’s thoughts and the reviews I’ve read, it sounds like I’d at least enjoy Cowboys and Aliens. Concept’s pretty crazy, to be sure–it sounds like something a five-year-old came up with, and I mean that in the best possible way. However, I’ve also been pretty interested in the new Planet of the Apes flick. My brother and I are planning to see it this evening, if I’m feeling up for it.

      1. Ah cool then I’ll take a look at it later on. 😀

        Yeah THAT remake is one the few I’m interested in. Maybe cuz I never had much connection to the original movies and that I even liked the spaceship remake of it as well soooo… 🙂

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