In Which Gordon Convinces Me To Get A Brush

CALLBACKS: Chilling At SPACE With Gordon McAlpin, The Never-Ending Quest for Relevance

In the webcomics community, Gordon McAlpin is almost as notorious for taking things literally as he is for consuming art supplies. This is totally for real, and not a thing that I just made up.

I would also like to reiterate that I am looking for guest strips to cover my vacation from 9/10 to 9/18. Would you like to do a guest strip for Sketch Comedy? There are two simple requirements: A) 900px wide or less, and B) keep it appropriate for your ten-year-old cousin to read. If you’ve got something for me, just send it in by September 8th to jackson at thesketchy dot com.

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  1. Back in… well in kindergarden I guess(we have a bit different edutation system ya know) my parents were always worried that I was just not willing to use ANY writing material and thought that I’d have trouble in school later on.

    They were so right cuz my handwriting is horrible and as you could see on DA my drawing skills are limited to technical things with straight lines. XD

    1. Oh yeah I meant to say that listen to what others say about these things cuz I leaned it the hard way. >.<"

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