CALLBACKS: Okay This Is Just Weird, Hot Tub Nostalgia Machine 3, A Shift In Tone

Tomorrow I leave for vacation! In my absence a number of talented cartoonists will entertain you with guest strips. And also Matt Rizkallah. Here’s the lineup:

  • Tuesday (9/13): Brad Pugh (Okay So Comic)
  • Thursday (9/15): Matt Rizkallah (Bloggy Bloggerville)
  • Friday (9/16): Owen Heitmann (24-Hour Cynic)
  • Monday (9/19): Brian Russell (The Underfold)

I will be back with a new comic for you on Wednesday, 9/21. In the meantime, enjoy the work of our guests!

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  1. I was amused by the strip. BUT, my favorite part is where there are talented cartoonists and ALSO Matt Rizkallah. That guy is a hack, but he’s handsome.

  2. Oh come ON! Karen said she’ll try and wear her hair down more often. Where to start doing so then on a BEACH? XD

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