Guest Strip By Matt Rizkallah

Today’s guest strip is brought to you by Matt Rizkallah of Bloggy Bloggerville. I post it not because it is a breathtaking masterwork of genius, but because I can’t understand what’s happening. Are there two distinct people, or does the one man travel back in time to shoot himself? I am pretty sure it’s Matt and me in the first frame, but beyond that…does anyone know what’s going on here? Anyone?

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  1. Don’ worry I can’t make TOO much of this one as well, buuut… I’d say it’s not too much about timetravel just your average fourth wall breaking to confuse the reader… and it’s funny to actually think what the HECK this is. 😀

    1. Same thought here. I’d say the “timeline” goes on two parallel ways starting at the top left and bottom right and they meet in the middle, but since this is a forth wall breaking thing it’s the same guy. 😀

  2. This Matt person is a moron, but if I had to guess it was two ninjas converging in the middle to battle each other (one starting at the top left, the other starts down at the bottom)… except that one of the ninjas have discovered a gun.

    1. Thank you, Not Matt Rizkallah! Your clarification parts the clouds of mystery.

      You resemble Matt Rizkallah, Not Matt Rizkallah! Are you his evil twin or shadow clone? Does he have to defeat you before he can face the final boss?

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