Guest Strip By Brian Russell (The Underfold)

Brian Russell of The Underfold delivers the goods with this guest strip. The Underfold features a self-insert cartoonist and his friend having geeky movie-parody adventures, with periodic breaks to lampoon popular culture. Strips were originally drawn on the underside of the index cards labeling the coffee at Brian’s church, hence the comic’s name. It’s a lot like Sketch Comedy, which as you already know is awesome, so you should give it a visit. One of my favorite segments is the one where Brian and JB visit alternate dimensions in a phone booth.

The two men in the guest comic are Abe and Mr. Pennybags. Is the wizard Howard?

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    1. Heck, I’m not even sure if that was me.

      I guess if I can find the jar, then maybe it will prove I was the one handing out wishes up there? Or something like that?

  1. Soul in a jar? How convenient. XD
    BTW not to be a spoil sport, but I’d say that a horde of zombies wanting to eat us isn’t exactly like being popular. :p NOW if it was “Be SO popular that they want to tear us apart.” 😀

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