My Little Friendship: Friendship is Friendship

CALLBACKS: My Little Sketchy: Cartooning Is Magic

I hope this comic is as funny to you as it is to me.

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  1. Ummm… yeeeaaah most people would say this is sad… not because of the emotional thing but… cuz of someone else. I on the other hand am just staying silent. 😀

    Also HAH! Another character who I think looks like another cartoon character. The girl on the last pa…*looks at tags* OH MY HEAVENLY…!!! THAT’S HER!!! GAH! That’s so cool man! I love Tea!
    Keep these cameos comming. XD

      1. I have no idea what series I saw or at least not what they were called, but I know I watched the whole original series from ep1 till the the last part at the end of that virtual reality battle with the business men… under the sea… BOY that sentence was weird. XD

        I also watched some of that academic thing, but I didn’t like that whole restart feel… oh and I didn’t even LOOK at the ones that had those weird bike things. :p

        So witch one of these is that Abridged thing? 😀

          1. No. I find reading much, much harder than spoken language – it’s full of kanji and I need to pause all the time to look them up. It’s the old LK soundtrack though, not fandub.

    1. The girl in the last panel is from Yu-gi-oh: a show that, much like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, is all about friendship.

      Now that I have explained the joke, it is funny! You may laugh now.

      1. *Cues laughter* Ahahahahahahahahaha! Friendship is so funny. It’s like a big boat in the ocean with your friends on it, but then you have to worry about the friend pirates coming.

      2. Thanks for explaining it, I didn’t get it either. Yu-Gi-Oh is mostly thought about magical fighting and ridiculous censorship. If I wanted to select a show about friendship, I would have chosen Railgun.

  2. The references went right over my head, but this sounds like what I’m about to do in real life. I hope I have a cute-feelgood-pony-wearing-a-cowboy-hat friend like that to cheer me up. As it is, that the friend I’m about to alienate. Help me dr. Phil!

    1. Hold your horses, Anonymous! I know it sounds hard, but I think the best thing to do is to hold off on telling your friend how you feel. Just focus on being a good friend to her. In addition to preserving a friendship that you really care about, this gives you more time to gauge if she views you as just a friend, or if she’s showing any additional interest in you. It may be useful to ask a trustworthy friend of hers what she thinks of you.

      Hope this helps!

  3. Wait…YuGiOh Abridged?! Alongside MLP, anime, Audiosurf, and Vocaloids, plus how you’ve criticized things up until now…

    …Ca-Can I be your friend Jackson?

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