Like It’s Our Job: The Rent

CALLBACKS: Heā€™s Got Character, The Service Industry

Welcome to a new storyline! I will have new installments of this storyline for you on Wednesday and Friday.

After that, we may go back to the usual Tues./Fri. update schedule for the rest of the storyline, but I’ll keep you posted down here in the notes. Remember, you can catch every update via Facebook or Twitter.

(Yeah, the RSS feed is still broken. If anyone has any idea how to fix it, your help would be much appreciated.)

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  1. I imagine the comic fifteen years down the line. For the first time in seven years, Jackson appears in a panel, his office precisely the same as we left it, though its location has receded from view as the rest of the comic’s geography has gradually stabilized. Karen tries to talk to him, but he is reading comments on Sketch Comedy.
    He is generally unhelpful in the midst of the crisis. Karen abandons her creator and runs out into the world in search of answers which may or may never come.

    Unseen, a wizard stands upon a rooftop. Waiting.

  2. Awww man you should’ve backed out at the part where she said the word job by saying “It’s my place and you’re my guests now get back to work!”, but… XD
    Still I can’t wait to see how you’ll dig yourself out of this hole. >:D

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