Media Mediated: Monday’s Friday Five

Brian Russell has started a cool thing: The Friday Five! Every Friday, he posts links to his favorite five webcomic posts that he’s read that past week. It’s like Wes Molebash’s Friday Faves but for webcomics!

We at Sketch Comedy think this is such a great practice that we are going to adopt it ourselves. Far be it from us, however, to steal a good idea wholesale without adding something of our own! No: our Friday Fives are going to post on other days of the week besides Friday. For example, this week they post on Monday. Some weeks we may not post any Friday Fives at all!

All of the following links are appropriate for all ages, although some of these strips do not come from all-ages webcomics. Sketch Comedy would like to remind you: please use discretion in browsing!

  1. Urban Jungle (David Wilborn): If you’ve ever played a marathon session of Minecraft and afterward found yourself wanting to leave torches in the bathroom so that zombies can’t spawn there, this comic is for you.
  2. Okay So Comic (Brad Pugh): There are a bunch of great new strips up at Okay So Comic, and this is but one of them. Is it okay to lie if the person you’re lying to lies to himself first? Frederick the monkey seems to think so.
    Then again, perhaps you shouldn’t take your cues on morality from a monkey.
  3. Questionable Content (Jeph Jacques): I think this comic is funny even if you don’t know a thing about Faye and Marten’s relationship history. The comedic timing is just that great.
  4. Calamities of Nature (Tony Piro): Why are there not more presidents with facial hair? Ferd attempts to rectify this and other presidential biases in this strip from 9/23.
  5. The Princess Planet (Brian McLachlan): Twist upon twist marks the ridiculously twisted ending to the current storyline at The Princess Planet. To fully appreciate all the twists, you should read the entire storyline from the beginning.
    Yes, right now. While you are at work. Do it.

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