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  1. If ONLY exposition could be done in a way where it doesn’t feel forced… Really so far I could only hear people say bad about ANY kind of exposition. XD

    1. I figured the next-best thing would be to have Karen make a joke about the blatancy of the exposition. 🙂

      (NOTE TO SELF: Find out whether “blatancy” is an actual word.)

  2. Blatancy is a word dude and I applaud your use of random words. BTW this strip reminds me of my life lol. P.S. I lost your card you gave me on Monday so remind me to snag another from you next time I see you.

    1. Glad you found the strip relatable, Kevin. I have Karen to thank for this storyline–the down-to-earth stuff was her idea! If it were up to me, the comic would be nothing but obscure video game references and random wizards.

    2. Oh dang you were faster then me. I wanted to tell him that that’s a word, but OH WELL, I’ll try and live my life after this blow. XD

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