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  1. Hmmm… So is this the new style from now on or are you just doing some different styles for the art sale? 🙂 It’s cool BTW so don’ worry I like it. 😀

    Also YAAAY for the Velma hairstyle! 😀 I know I’m overdoing this thing, but hey it’s fun. XD

    1. Well, one thing I like more about this style is the higher contrast. After this storyline/flashback thing wraps up, I may go back to lettering and adding grayscale digitally, but I’ll probably incorporate some elements from this style too. For starters, I don’t think I need four different shades of gray!

      Anyhoo, glad to hear you like it. I’m pleased with the results too.

      1. Aha sounds cool. Then keep up the good work. 😀
        It was just that it looks dark a bit and I’m more used to lighter one, but it’s still cool. 🙂

    2. Gaboris? I know you like my hair down, but just a tip: no girl alive wants to hear that she looks like Velma. Just a tip.

      1. (????: PLEASE make him understand that! He’s freaking out every girl we meet with these things. -_-”
        Gab: You just keep your mouth! You’re no better. :p)

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