Media Mediated: Friday Five on Monday Again

Welcome to the second installment of the Friday Five. Begun by Brian Russell, the Friday Five are the top five webcomic strips from the past week–only when we at Sketch Comedy do a Friday Five, we do it on other days of the week because we are contumacious and recalcitrant. Also we like to use big words. So without further ado: the Friday Five, on Monday!

DISCLAIMER: Although all of the following links are appropriate for all ages, some of these strips may not come from all-ages webcomics. Please use discretion in browsing.

  1. Cat and Girl (Dorothy Gambrell): This past week introduced us to Robot Artist, in not one but five daily comics. Is Robot Artist the Bad Decision Dinosaur of a new generation? Only time will tell.
  2. Questionable Content (Jeph Jacques): HAIL FROGLORD
  3. Shortpacked (David Willis): In this strip, Batman addresses all his Robins past and present, and David Willis makes us all wonder if he is on hard drugs.
  4. The Final Fantasy VI Comic (Orinocou): The artwork of The Final Fantasy VI Comic has come a long way. Not that it was shabby at all to begin with, but pages like this one really showcase Ori’s artistic growth after three years of persistent cartooning.
    The great thing about The FFVI Comic is that it not only brings back classic memories for old-school Squaresoft fans, but it also makes a great story accessible to non-gamers. This is your blatant plug for The FF6 Comic, and you should go read it.
  5. Unwinder’s Tall Comics (Eli Parker): Within the Unwinderverse, there are some pretty bizarre fictional works–pretentiously symbolic anime, truly ponderous science fiction, and affectionate parodies of Jorge Luis Borges. But the Judge of All series actually sounds like it would be really fun to read.
  6. Urban Jungle (David Wilborn): Here’s a bonus that all the webcartoonists can relate to. If we’re not even doing the Friday Five on Friday, why even bother holding ourselves to the “five” thing?

And that wraps up the Friday Five. Just a reminder: the original art from Friday’s comic is still up for auction on Ebay. I’ll see you tomorrow with a brand new strip in the storyline!

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