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    1. Okay, I’ll admit Friends was pretty terrible–I watched an episode while on vacation this past summer, and found it unrealistic, shallow, and needlessly off-color. But My Little Pony, terrible? Strong words, son. My Little Pony is the show you watch while you clean your gun after a day out at the shooting range.

      1. Wha…? Oh come ON! I love Friends(still being aired in Hungary don’ know about the US) why do people hate it so much?
        It’s not realistic? Doesn’t have a deeper meaning about things? Yeah that’s why it’s a comedy. People could randomly say “Ubaly-bubbaly-BO” if they want in a comedy cuz it’s not about being realistic… in my opinion cuz I guess now I’ll be laughed at from behind the monitors. 😀

        NOW Soap operas are bad! They’re the same, but they actually think they are serious and that’s what make them horrible. 😛

        BTW MLP:FIM is ruining me. I’m actually WAITING for the next episode to air… XP

  1. I don’ know why everyone hates Joey he was my favorite character, I even loved his knock of series that everyone hated. 😀

    OH MY GOOD LORD Becky’s wearing glasses!!! O_O

    Say did you change the nav buttons or am I just that blind? XD

    1. Well, while Joey is a bad actor, the thing is that Matt Leblanc is good at playing a bad actor. I can’t speak to his acting ability in general, as I don’t believe I’ve ever seen him in anything else, but I liked how his Dr. Drake Remoray bits parodied soap operas.

      Those are Becky’s reading glasses.

      And yes, I did change the nav buttons! More changes are in the works too.

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