Like It’s Our Job: Debriefing

CALLBACKS: Like It’s Our Job: The Rent

And the dramatic finale! Woo!

Thanks for tuning in for this storyline. On Tuesday we will return to your regularly scheduled randomness and discontinuity.

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  1. “New fire alarm?”
    “Yeah, it was either a big “WOOP WOOP WOOP” neon sign or a midget paid to alert you. In song.”
    “Midget didn’t work out?”
    “He didn’t show up his first day.”

  2. Wait sooo Karen’s not working after all? How does that work now? What about the rent again? O_o”

    Also why after all? Does that mean that he thought it would be fun but wasn’t sure OR that he just messed up something that was prone to do that? (I’m no saying witch one I think of.) 😀

    BTW nice way of getting out of starting a new work arc. XD

    1. AGH, verb tense fail. 😛 Karen’s line in panel 2 should have been “…to have been working for.” It’s just weird to her that all this time she’s been doing the customer service thing for Teri, and it hasn’t even been mentioned up until now.

      I will probably go back and correct this line for the print collection, but the original artwork captures my grammatical error forever.

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