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  1. I. Am. Lost.

    Did this really happen? I’m a religious KINDA guy so I know the basics, but I never did read the Bible itself.

    Also… what does hipster mean again? I heard it a few times and I know what kind of characters they use it on, but I don’ know how it connects here?

    BTW the strip is still good I just don’ get things. 😀

    1. Everything up until the last panel actually happened. You can read about it in John 1:44-46 (there’s a link in the comic notes, just above the “comedy distribution tools”). Fortunately, Independent Music James does not appear anywhere in the Bible.

      “Hipster” doesn’t have the most clear-cut of definitions, but it’s basically a person who tries to be cool by deviating from the mainstream or criticizing the status quo. In the comic, Nathanael is being a hipster with his aloof attitude and his disdain for Nazareth.

      And no, if I have to explain the joke, it’s not good! 🙁

  2. ROFL! That was awesome. I laughed aloud. I must admit, I lied. I did not actually ROFL, but I LBIMCAHABL- that is I Leaned Back In My Chair And Had A Belly Laugh.

  3. …and then John the baptist comes up and he’s all “I followed Jesus before anyone knew he was the messiah” and Independent Music James is like “I studied messianic prophecy in the 400 year silence between the old and new testaments” and then Jonah shows up and goes “yeah well I listened to this awesome band, Krill, while I was in the belly of the large fish… they only put out like 3 EP’s though, you probably haven’t heard of them.”

    John the baptist awkwardly stares at Jonah. IMJ is shocked into silence. It’s a multifaceted beat panel.

    Then Howard wakes up.

    1. Brilliant! I smell a new series called James Visits Bible Times. Could be some hilariousness… or perhaps James and Howard Visit Bible Times… perhaps because Howard has the time travel spells…

  4. Peter – you *totally* need to start your own comic or do a guest panel or something. Your fans are demanding more of this hilarity!

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