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  1. What? Poor James doesn’t want to end up like Derpy Hooves? Come ON! You could be even more popular then Jackson himself! …*Edited* XD(????: Mean joke at the end has been edited by me so don’ worry. :P)

    1. Why would anyone want to be like Derpy Hooves? Oh, the animators accidentally made a background pony cross-eyed, that’s cute. Oh, and the fans loved it, so now in a persistent celebration of error they’re continuing to draw her that way in every appearance, that’s just great. A disgusting accumulation of fanon has cropped up around her, she’s beloved by all, and the sole defining trait of her character is her derp eyes.

      So no, I don’t want to be like Derpy Hooves! I’d sooner die than get to be that mainstream.

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