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        1. I think the best part of the comic is the fact that “justin bieber” is stuck in the comments as some equivalent to “blah blah blah and other random stuff.” hahaha

  1. *Looks at comic’s timestamp.*
    *Looks at comment’s timestamp.*
    *Looks at comic’s again.*
    *Looks at comment’s again.*

    Brain IMPLODES!!! X_X

    Okay maybe you re-posted it after you made the comments or you just made a phantom page that no one can see and you made the comments there then copy pasted the comments here, but STILL this is not right. O_o”

  2. I freaking like this comic! I also like that one of the tags is “durble blurble justin bieber* I hope some of his goofy fans find this page.

    1. only the heartthrob of all girls in the 5-13 age group. Don’t ask why the rest of us know of him. You’ve probably seen pictures of him, but may not have realized that he’s a boy 🙂

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