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  1. WELL NOW! Seems like SOMEONE even made Mr. Russell forget that he had hands again. 😀

    BTW I don’ know what’s the prob all the time with cutscenes all the time. SURE they are not meant for every game, but some games need to tell a story and some cutscenes(when not overused I do agree on that part) are really enjoyable and help… but that maybe just my opinion after growing up with cutscenes. 😛

  2. Ahahaha. This one is funny. Though, I disagree with Mr. Independent Music. I play games because of the story they tell- that is their appeal to me generally. I mean, if it were all cinematics it would be like a movie, so I reckon you need a balance. But no matter what, it ought to be telling a story that you get to interact with.

      1. If that’s true, more power to them, but I don’t loathe the cut scenes. Know what I’m sayin’, holmes?

        I guess it’s true that a lot of the games I like don’t have too many cut scenes… Hmm.

        1. Have you played the Half-Life games? They’re an excellent example of storytelling without ever wresting control of the view from the player. The immersion is fantastic, and you never feel like you’re just playing to get to the next cutscene (or waiting for a cutscene to be over.)

          1. I agree on the part where you guys said that a good game can tell a story without anything like as you said Half-life or in my opinion the Fallout and The elder scroll games, but with those I sometimes miss stuff or they just fly by without giving me any real impressions.
            I love all these games, but sometimes seeing a proper reaction from my character has a greater feel of immersion then just me looking at others doing their stuff while I try to figure out where I should go. 🙂

            But still when there are more cutscenes then actual game parts the game is bad. 😀

    1. My general sentiment lies somewhere between yours and James’. Video games are games, but so much of our lives we frame in a narrative context that it’s only natural to expect a story out of our games. A quality story can make the difference between a decent game and a great one, and for many of my favorite games, the story is an integral part of the gaming experience (say, Chrono Trigger or the Disgaea series). The interactivity is paramount, but the story gives us a reason to care beyond “Hey, this thing is fun to play.”

      I love the Fallout series because each game is not just a story you can interact with, it’s a story whose course and outcome you can shape.

          1. Hahaha, for real. I want to read the dialogue. You can get games that are just plotless pray and sprays… but I don’t get those games. :-p

          2. By the way, if we keep replying to replies to replies like this, scrolling up and down the page, our gravatars make waves!!!

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