Descartes Week 1

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Welcome to Descartes Week! We’ll be bringing you Descartes, his comics, and comics about his comics every day of the week. This is apparently how we celebrate Christmas around here, so I, uh, hope you like Descartes.

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    1. Wait, “another” comic in the comic? One of my other characters hasn’t been sneaking their comics into the comic, have they? I bet it’s James. It’s totally gotta be James.

      I gotta go. I’ll be right back.

      1. Listen, I’m not about to make a comic of my own: I can’t draw. When you’re a child, it’s fine to play around to discover your aptitudes, but by the time you’re 24 you ought to know better than to waste your time with things you’re not good at.

        1. SURE you are James misusing public property since *the year you were born*. 😀
          (Gab: I’m so clever with these jokes ain’t I? :3
          ????: Nope you’re not and I’m starting to feel ashamed cuz of you because of that. -_-”
          Gab: Awww… 🙁 )

      2. OH-nonono! This was meant as a inter-web kinda way cuz I read a few comics that have a comic in the comic even if just as a joke or one time gag. 😀

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