Descartes Week 4

CALLBACKS: Descartes Week 1

Descartes Week continues! In celebration of Descartes Week and also Christmas, Sketch Comedy will be updating every day of the week this week. Tune in tomorrow for more philosophical shenanigans.

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  1. Ummm MAYBE cuz I’m Hungarian, but I don’ get it… Unless if by what Dwi said Intuition is a kind of beer. If that’s the case then cool and don’ worry Jackson not everyone can know everything in the world so even good jokes can bump into obstacles. 🙂

    1. This is the problem one encounters when one’s comics rely on a continuous string of references to philosophy, geek subculture, and other comics. Especially when one is me.

      The comic actually doesn’t contain any beer jokes! Aristotle names something called “Intuition” (“nous” in the Greek) that he claims allows us to discern truths that are evident in and of themselves. Descartes, similarly, invokes a thing called “the natural light” which allows him to clearly and distinctly perceive the truth of basic principles.

      Dwight’s beer joke is that there’s a cheap, crappy beer called “Natural Bohemian,” often called “Natty Bo” for short. The light version is, of course, called “Natural Light.” Hopefully that clarifies things!

      The idea that there might be a cheap, crappy beer called “Intuition” is also pretty funny. Inadvertently, your comment has created a third level of joke.

      1. Actually you are conflating your cheep beers: National Bohemian is often referred to as Natty Bo. Natural Light is it’s own unrelated beer, sometimes confusingly called Natty Light. Natty Light is Busch owned and Natty Bo is Miller owned.

        Intuition sounds more like a premium liquor… maybe an americanized Ouzo… and we are back to Aristotle!

      2. Ahh! Okay I never payed much attention to philosophy class since I already made the SAME conclusions back when I was a lil kid… course the teacher wasn’ so positive aboot it. 😛

        Anyways yaaay for third party created jokes. 😀

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