Have A Hearthwarming Holiday

CALLBACKS: My Little Friendship: Friendship is Friendship

If Descartes Week was my Christmas gift to you, then this comic is my Christmas gift to me.

So…yeah. Ponies.

On a Non-Pony-Related Note:

I had a guest strip up at Multiplex yesterday! I did not have access to my computer at the time, so I drew it entirely by hand. Consequently, I have put the original art up for bid on Ebay.

Additionally, there’s a new vote incentive comic up at TopWebComics! It is kind of a postscript to Descartes Week, and it is incredibly silly.

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    1. Dwight, I saw the comment notification email in my inbox, and even before I read it, I knew–knew–that your words of wisdom would give insight and clarity to the topic of fictional holidays in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

      Blarfaronies indeed, Dwight. Blarfaronies indeed.

        1. Dwight has certain…opinions about ponies.

          Certain less-than-positive opinions about ponies.

          Certain opinions which, shall we say, could be summed up with the word “blarfaronies.”

  1. Huh I kinda skipped the last episode so I’ll have to look it up, but I gotta say it’s nice to see some people in the industry handling things like these better for a change. 🙂
    Say what DOES polarizing mean?

    Oh yeah and META! It’s fun. 😀

    1. The latest episode takes an unusual format–the ponies put on a pageant about the founding of Equestria–but it’s still pretty good. “Polarizing” simply means an issue is controversial and tends to make people take sides (gay marriage is such an issue in the United States).

      I loves me my meta. I does, I does.

  2. I watched about 4 minutes of MLP:FIM just for you Jackson. I stand by my original assertion: Blarfaronies. I’d rather watch X-Men Origins:Wolverine again and the sequel than an entire thirty minutes of Blarfaronies.

  3. I have a better idea. Next year for Christmas you could get a make-your- own-book kit, put all your little pony cartoons in it, and give it to me.

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