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  1. B.U.É.K. to Y’all! 😀

    Just in case you’d like the translation. 😉
    Boldog(Happy) Új(New) Évet(Year) Kívánok(… basically it means “I wish”)

    I was wondering what happened to ya, but yeah I guess it’s hard to start up after the holidays. 🙂
    BTW Teri is a hypocrite >:[ … or I just missed the joke again. 😛

  2. I’m wondering a few things:

    Where did Karen go after the first panel and how did Howard get there? He must have used a disappearing-Karen-so-he-can-be-a-creeper spell.

    1. Howard is supposed to be in the foreground, but perhaps I should have drawn him a little larger and more obtrusive. Karen is ostensibly still there–probably recoiling in surprise, assuming she hasn’t dived behind the couch.

      1. I see– he’s leaning in front of Karen, not replacing her on the couch. If I were Karen, I would have surely sought refuge behind ze couch.

        1. Hahaha… that’s true.. he would have to be. It kind of looks like Descartes is creepily reaching for Karen in the first panel. New Year’s Eve makes everyone a lil bonkers…

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